You’ve probably read the headline that Console Connect sold its network and customers into private ownership along with assets from its other global subsidiaries, rebranding the new business to IX Reach. But what can we expect from the new IX Reach? To find out more on the recent acquisition and the company’s 2018 plans, Jaymie Scotto Cutaia sat down with top executive Stephen Wilcox to get a deeper insight. Here’s the Q&A:

What can we expect to see from the new IX Reach come January?

IX Reach acquired Console’s global network and customers, as a result we have fantastic coverage globally, we have all the major cloud providers on-net at all key locations and of course are still the global leader with remote peering to internet exchanges.

So, same name but significantly bigger, and there has been a real shift over the last few years towards the cloud and we feel we are at the leading edge of that and uniquely positioned in our cloud direct connection offerings in terms of reach, diversity and a proven track record on our network.

What services will you be offering and who will be your top target customers?

Long distance connectivity, one to one, one to many remains the core of our services, including remote peering to all major IXPs, but we see the real growth coming from cloud connectivity. We were already leading the way here – when Amazon and Google launched their direct connection offerings, IX Reach was on both beta and initial launches. Since then we’ve expanded massively and have many large names companies using us. We’ll continue to target large enterprises as well as continue our programs with data centers and network providers.

How do you see the new IX Reach unique in the marketplace?

The company has been doing this for 10 years now, we have a huge number of cities globally we can reach and we have more internet exchanges, cloud providers and SaaS partners connected than any other provider. We’re also back in private hands and are charting our next 10 years based on a business model of sustainable growth and profitable expansion – we see a lot of disruption in this marketplace and are positioning ourselves to ride this wave and embrace the change and challenges that come with it.

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