Calling for Your Participation: 3rd Annual DatacenterDynamics Industry Census

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Let your voice be heard in the industry! DatacenterDynamics predicts that Developing Data Center Markets will continue to be responsible for the largest power increase across the sector over the coming 12 months but the US market will still be responsible for almost a quarter of all energy consumed. With 2013-2014 predicted to see enormous changes [...]

Hibernia Maintains Momentum with Project Express

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Hibernia’s recent announcement with Huawei shows that Project Express is underway and taking the necessary steps to complete the cable build. The purpose of Project Express will be to connect London to New York, two of the largest exchanges, with the lowest latency. Announced in 2010, Project Express has made significant strides since then. November 2011 [...]

GlobeNet and TE SubCom Begin Construction of Segment 5 Replacement

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GlobeNet and TE SubCom have commenced construction for the replacement of Segment 5 of GlobeNet’s high performance subsea cable system. This new subsea cable will provide more than 30 times the current capacity between Bermuda and the United States and is planned for completion in the first quarter of 2013. The new segment will be approximately [...]

Tinet Ranks Sixth in Renesys’ 2010 Top Global Provider Rankings After an Explosive Year in Growth

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Tinet sure has a lot to celebrate these days!  From the exciting acquisition by Neutral Tandem in October 2010 to the recent ranking of Number 6 in Renesys’ year-end review for the top 13 Internet providers (a.k.a. the “Baker’s Dozen” ), the key global carrier is shaping up to have another positive year in terms of [...]