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Teach Local, Learn Global with Distance Learning – NGN’s Latest eBook Shows You How

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Distance learning combines education and technology to connect students with people, experiences, lessons and so much more that would traditionally be out of reach for many children. It has had a profound impact on K-12 students in Rural America – as the technology has proven to be a gateway to global educational opportunities that have been [...]

Georgia Gets Broadband Upgrade with NGN and Georgia Public Web Partnership

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Two Georgia-based cooperatives are teaming up in an effort to supply underserved areas throughout the State of Georgia with stronger broadband availability. NGN and Georgia Public Web (GPW) announced their partnership this morning, which gives both companies access to new areas of Georgia that they previously had limited resources in.  NGN and GPW customers with multiple [...]

NGN Provides Internet Connections to Northeast Georgia Library System

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NGN, a member-owned cooperative operating over 1,600 miles of fiber optic infrastructure in North Georgia, announced that its fiber network is providing 100 Mb symmetrical Internet connections to seven libraries within the Northeast Georgia Regional Library system. The network is now live in Northeast Georgia Regional Library locations in Clarkesville, Cleveland, Cornelia, Rabun, Stephens and the system’s central [...]

Education Exchange Proudly Partners With LivingTree to Enhance Georgia Education

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Education Exchange, Georgia’s only regional 10-gigabit private cloud for exclusive use by school systems and powered by the NGN fiber network, proudly announced today a new technology partnership with LivingTree. Aligning with the Education Exchange’s commitment to enhancing the future of Georgia students, LivingTree provides a single, private place to engage all members of the education community. “The real [...]

NGN Acquires ABT and Improves Connectivity for the North Georgia Region

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NGN Connect announced today that it has acquired Appalachian Broadband Technologies (ABT), a locally owned wireless Internet service provider located in Cleveland, Georgia. This acquisition allows NGN Connect to expand its service area by utilizing ABT’s wireless infrastructure to effectively deploy high speed broadband to areas that are otherwise underserved by fiber optic service. “We are very excited [...]

GEN15 Surpasses 40 Service Provider & Technology Vendor Sponsors

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MEF announces growing sponsorship support for the global GEN15 conference ( being held on 16-19 November 2015 at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas. AT&T is the Host Operator Sponsor for this year’s event. Other newly announced GEN15 sponsors are Platinum Sponsor Verizon; Gold Sponsors Alcatel-Lucent and Oracle Communications; Silver Sponsors PLDT, Infinera, and Raisecom; and [...]

Global Convergence Solutions Reports Milestone Sales in First Half of 2012

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Global Convergence Solutions, Inc., (GCS) has achieved milestone sales for the first half of 2012. GCS has set a company record in the first half of 2012, with total contracted sales nearly equaling the total of all sales in 2011. This sales performance is fueled by Software as a Service (SaaS) growth increasing exponentially, with growth [...]

Allied Fiber’s CEO to Present at Light Reading’s Packet Optical Transport Expo

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Hunter Newby, Allied Fiber’s CEO, will speak on a panel at Light Reading’s upcoming Packet Optical Transport Expo event May 18 in New York City. Hunter’s panel will be on Packet Optical Transport Services (P-OTS) for LTE and will discuss the role P-OTS plays as mobile operators move to advanced 3G and LTE networks. The session [...]


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Does the Fixed Network have a future in Africa? The leading heads of Africa’s telcos take the temperature of the region’s somewhat crowded telecoms market How much is too much? If you’re talking about telecom operators in Ghana, then 200,000 is too much. That was the view of attendees at the Next Generation Telecoms Africa Summit [...]

Mobile identity

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Smartphones are slowly replacing traditional dial and text mobile phones, and as they do they gradually change the face of IT and telecoms infrastructure. Soon mobile phones could pose as not only a device to call a friend, but as a passport and credit card. Morten Hother Sørensen, Vice President at TDC spoke at length at [...]

Broadband Buffet is Over

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The glory days of an unlimited broadband appear to be nearing an end as ISPs look to implement caps and metered pricing for broadband services. In the not-so-distant-future, broadband users will be forced to pay on a metered basis in the same way as other utilities such as electricity and water, with customers only paying for [...]

Mobile Banking

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New forecasts from ABI Research indicate that in 2015 about 244 million people worldwide will carry out financial transactions using their mobile phones. This growth in the financial cell phone sector is not specific to North America or Europe, and large investment is anticipated in regions like Latin America. Latin American infrastructure is a drawback; only [...]

4G or Not 4G, Apple Saying No

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Despite rumours to the contrary, iPhone users won’t be able to get use a 4G network at any point in the next 14 months.  This flies in the face of earlier reports that Apple would be aligning with Verizon to enable Apple to utilise the 4G network. "At some point our business interests are going to [...]

Chile Earthquake Shocks Telecom Industry to up its Game

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As telecommunication companies across Latin America attempt to increase product and service offerings, few regions are seeing the execution of these plans more pronounced than through the restructuring of Chiles’ communications infrastructure.   This has allowed for a significant buzz around the NGT Latin America Summit 2010 due to the convergence of Chief Technology Officers from the [...]