WireIE Unveils New Partnership to Enhance Broadband Services for Canada’s Indigenous

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Frontline’s IPTV solution chosen by WireIE to deploy in underserved markets One of Canada’s premier wholesale network operators announced a new partnership designed to significantly enhance and improve broadband services for Indigenous communities across the country. WireIE, a Canadian industry leader in delivering secure, high-availability networks in rural and remote regions, is teaming up with Frontline 360 [...]

The Future of Streaming Depends on IP Services Excellence

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Eric Contag, President and CEO of GlobeNet In the past few years, the transition from legacy services to IP services has surged significantly within the video and entertainment industries, due to the onset of a variety of emerging technologies. Over-The-Top (OTT), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are the newcomers that demand top-tier data transmission [...]

RCN Business Has Nice Touch

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RCN Business announced today that Nice Touch Communications (NTC), a global technology consulting firm, has joined its Agent Program. NTC will now have the ability to leverage RCN’s full suite of data, video and voice services and gain access to RCN’s 6,200 fiber miles across five major markets. NTC boasts 18 years in the industry and specializes [...]

IPv4 Market Jitters: Are NATs the Answer?

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Publications discussing  the upcoming transition to the new IPv6 addressing system have revealed mounting notes of anxiety regarding the economics and service impact of the global shortage of IPv4 addresses. Common themes of concern have been expressed in various articles and comments,  many which have implications for the top and bottom lines of ISPs, clouds, hosting [...]

IPv6 – Everything You Need to Know – In Pictures!

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The IPv6 movement has been years in the making. So many, in fact, that it has hardly been a “movement” at all – but for a few players with the foresight to embrace its inevitability. And for those early adapters, will come the spoils – Cisco recently reported that there will be over 3 billion IPv6 [...]

Game On: OnLive Selects Hibernia Atlantic for Transatlantic Capacity

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OnLive, the pioneer of on-demand, instant-play video games and applications, has selected Hibernia Atlantic’s diverse transatlantic network to securely deliver its bandwidth intensive gaming applications. As a cloud-based gaming provider, OnLive requires high performance, reliable capacity to support its global gaming infrastructure.  Hibernia is known for its diverse transatlantic routes spanning the U.S. to United Kingdom.  Its [...]

GlobeNet’s Submarine Fiber Optic Cable System Upgrade is Now Complete

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Which carrier has the lowest latency capacity between the Americas?  GlobeNet - an international wholesale provider that has been entrenched in upgrading its high performance capacity to support growing bandwidth demands in the region.  With its recent completion of its submarine fiber optic cable upgrade to 560Gbps, GlobeNet now has the fastest capacity connecting North and [...]

MediaXtream Rebranded as Hibernia Media

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In 2009 Hibernia Atlantic acquired international broadcast and media production service provider, MediaXSTREAM. Recently the company rebranded as Hibernia Media and is gearing up for significant opportunities in 2010. Specializing in flawless digital and high def content, Hibernia Media is fulfilling the high demand from TV, sports, news, film production and mobile carriers who create and [...]

Tier 1 or Tier 2 – Does it matter when choosing an Internet Provider?

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What should you consider when choosing a quality Internet Provider? High speed is key, but Grant Kirkwood, CTO of Mzima Networks suggests a few more important factors to consider – the provider’s access to content and the quickest route. How close is your internet provider to the content you want to download? Kirkwood in a recent article examines the differences between Tier 1 and Tier 2 Internet backbone providers to explain how an IP provider’s proximity to content and applications makes a huge difference in the overall user experience.