NJFX: Critical Infrastructure, Critical Procedures

CLS Campus Highlighting Unsung Heroes for Critical Times When NJFX staffed its facility, the CLS campus hired a site access team, in-house electricians, critical infrastructure technicians, vendors, security team and CLS management. During the hiring process, those individuals were notified that that they would be employed at a mission critical facility, where one day they

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Ava Ramblings 3: Walk Tall and Carry a Big Belly

(If this is your first Ava Ramblings installation, click here for blog 1 or blog 2 to catch up!  Spoiler Alert for those who just want to keep reading: Jaymie and Rory’s unborn daughter is Ava…due in June) Dear Ava, It’s been a crazy week as we near our third trimester together.  The Coronavirus has

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Q Advisors: Europe is the Next Battleground for Cloud Comms M&A

Q Advisors Founding Partner Michael Quinn sat down with UC Today, an official media partner of the 2020 Cloud Comms Summit, which took place in London recently. Quinn says Europe is the next battleground for Cloud Comms M&A, as U.S. companies look to take on roll-ups similar to what’s been done on this side of

HIPAA Compliance During COVID-19 Pandemic: NJFX is Ready

Facility is the Only HIPAA Certified CLS in North America as Global Health Initiatives Become Crucial NJFX has been certified for a second consecutive year as the only Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant cable landing station in North America. This renewed certification demonstrates NJFX’s continued leadership in the telecommunications industry. This certification

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Network Digital Twins for Cyber Resiliency

Industrial Control Systems have become increasingly reliant on networked communications for proper operations and maintenance, increasing efficiency and reducing operator workload.  Reliance on networked communications also adds potential vulnerability to cyber physical attacks that, if successful, could cause significant impact to mission performance and network survivability.  Digital twin simulation modeling of Industrial Control Systems in

A Call to Connect In a Time of Growing Coronavirus Concerns

As travel bans and live event cancellations continue to occur in light of the growing Coronavirus concerns, there's still a need to connect as an industry, share developments and trends, learn from one another and collectively grow. Additionally, if you are like many in the industry and have dedicated a considerable amount of your marketing

Guide to how Coronavirus is Impacting Telecom, Data Center & Tech Upcoming Events

To our JSA clients, colleagues, and event partners that are impacted by COVID-19, we want you to know that we are here to help.  This is a fast-moving issue impacting events globally. It’s important to make well-informed decisions about upcoming events based on information provided by the World Health Organization (WHO)

Connected2Fiber Maps More Than 4.2 Million Serviceable Locations for BeyondReach

Within Reach “The nearly instant increase in opportunities, by thousands, is incredibly impressive, but the number of personal introductions Connected2Fiber has made for us and their highly customer-centric focus has truly been the icing on the cake.” -  Brandon Tessau, Sales Manager at BeyondReach. Connected2Fiber dropped some big numbers today announcing that BeyondReach has mapped

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ServerFarm and NYI Teaming Up On Edge in Chicago

Partnership Offers Industry-Leading Low Latency Edge Connectivity and Managed Hybrid Solutions in Chicago ServerFarm and NYI are teaming up to support the rapid growth of latency-sensitive applications in the critical Chicago market related to edge, IoT, AI, and 5G. The new partnership will address a full spectrum of infrastructure needs for carriers, financial institutions, hyperscalers,

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JSA Announces Its 2020 Advisory Board

To Enhance Value of JSA’s Popular Telecom and Data Center Educational Channels, Including Its Virtual Roundtables, News Alerts, Podcasts and JSA TV Comprised of expert thought leaders, the Board will offer insight into timely industry trends that will be integrated into JSA’s popular educational channels, such as its monthly virtual roundtables, news alerts, podcasts and

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EdgeConneX and Ori Industries Redefine the Edge in Europe

In a first-of-its-kind partnership, Ori will deploy in Warsaw, Munich and Amsterdam to support EdgeConneX customers in developing applications of the future. Have you ever heard the expression, "two sides of the same coin?" This is especially true when it comes to our definition of edge computing.  If you were to ask a data center

DataBank Joins the Data Protection Conversation

DataBank Sends Security Experts to Washington for Federal Level Insight and Education   DataBank’s Chief Information Security Officer, Mark Houpt, Senior Account Executive, Tonya Phillips, and Vice President of Sales, John Solensky, joined a panel discussion in Washington, DC recently. It marked an important step in helping inform policy decisions on protecting critical data, as

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Q Advisors Founding Partner Offers Invaluable Insight in European TMT Market

The U.S. “Land Grab” in TMT Consolidation Has Reached Europe In an exclusive video interview with TMT Finance, Q Advisors’ Founding Partner Michael Quinn offered his expert insight into the M&A landscape in Europe and the United States, including the changes in market appetite and how the geography and service profile of each region affects

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Lunch is On JSA for the February Virtual Roundtable | MicroEdge: Where Is It & Where Is It Heading

Next week, JSA will be hosting the second “meet & eats” Virtual Roundtable of 2020 titled “MicroEdge: Where Is It and Where Is It Heading?”. Edge computing in combination with micro data centers and micro services continue to increase in popularity, value and abundance. Micro data centers enable edge computing in locations where dedicated IT

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