It’s not unusual for smartphone users to have hundreds, if not thousands, of images and videos stored on their devices. As smartphone cameras evolve, so does our appetite for content. Scopio recognizes this dilemma and has created a solution to connect amateur photographers with the journalists, marketers and brands looking to pay top dollar to license user-generated content. Scopio’s new image and video uploading portal makes it a quick and efficient process for photographers to profit from these image “gems” that might otherwise stay hidden away on their phones.

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-1-00-33-pmAs marketers, we know audiences prefer to see user-generated content (UGC), as opposed to stale stock images. Studies have shown UGC can be as much as 35% more memorable compared to the alternative. That’s a huge increase of brand and message awareness! Scopio, continues to source trending photos and video from Twitter and Instagram. However, to further simplify the process and increase the overall profit margins of their content providers, Scopio has introduced a new upload portal that is accessible directly on their web platform.

How can you get started? Easy! Visit and upload unlimited images and short video clips in png, jpeg, jpg, gif, bmp and mp4 file formats. Contributors also have the option to simply paste the direct URL link to their content in the portal. Once their contact information and tags are added, photographers are ready to start earning cash from marketers interested in licensing their content. Scopio has found that funny, unusual and unique content is trending and has the potential to be the most profitable. Marketers are also looking for authentic images related to the workplace and entrepreneurship. Content contributors have the potential to make anywhere from $2 – $100 per photo or video.

“Scopio is always on the move. Over the next few months we are attending a variety of tradeshows where we will be providing product demos and signing contracts to media buyers,” says Christina Hawatemeh, founder and CEO of Scopio. “It’s an exciting time for photographers, as stock images fade out, the opportunity to profit from user-generated images grows. That’s where Scopio comes in. We help connect social media photographers and marketers, and facilitate a fair and legal transaction that benefits both parties.”

To learn more, visit Scopio’s website or email [email protected]