Does your company buy network hardware or optics at full price? How about your used IT equipment — where does it end up?

There’s certainly a lot of it out there, and the numbers are well-positioned to grow in 2018; Morgan Stanley advised that the IT hardware market could deliver double-digit earnings growth this year, as Network World reported.

P3 Systems is willing to bet they can save you 20% or more on your next IT purchase, and the company buys back used equipment to turn it into cash — so they’ve got you covered on both fronts! And now, with their new, user-friendly website, it’s even easier to make those transactions. P3 Systems is a one-stop-shop for routers, switches, telephony hardware, wireless equipment, servers and security appliances. Since 2007, the team has worked to provide businesses with the best priced and available networking solutions.

Here are a few reasons to consider P3 Systems:

  • Cisco Excess: P3 Systems is one of 9 companies that sells network equipment from the Cisco Excess program. Unlike other used network hardware, equipment through this program has been relicensed by Cisco for resale, and it’s available at significantly reduced prices.
  • Asset Recovery Program: Have network hardware and IT equipment in storage or coming out of production? Don’t treat it as a financial loss! P3 System’s asset recovery program can liquidate that equipment for you.
  • Compatible Transceivers: P3 Systems’ optical networking product portfolio offers top quality transceivers at a fraction of the cost of OEM hardware. The company’s optics are guaranteed to function just as their OEM equivalents do.

If you’re wondering how exactly P3 Systems can help your company, get a quote from the team here.

Visit the P3 Systems website here for more info, and follow P3 Systems on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for the latest developments.