FirstLight’s Internet service provides the high quality, low latency experience needed to support its clients

FirstLightThe Bull Moose Club, opening mid-September 2018 in Albany, NY, has selected FirstLight to provide Internet connectivity. FirstLight’s high-quality, low latency fiber connection will enable 160 members of the new coworking space, including 22 office suites, to perform efficiently with full access to the Internet.

The Bull Moose Club is the first of its kind in downtown Albany and is owned by Aureulis Coworks, whose portfolio also includes the Troy Innovation Garage in Troy, NY, another coworking space that caters to the creative economy, including political and IT professionals and software developers.

“The Bull Moose Club is wholly unique in New York State’s capital city – a coworking space for the changemakers, statewide associations, lobbyists, and entrepreneurs who make up the political economy,“ said Tom Nardacci, Owner of Bull Moose Club. “The Internet can never go down in this business, which FirstLight understands and appreciates as much we do. Partnering with FirstLight allows us to provide lightning fast connectivity for a sophisticated and savvy membership that is coming to us from all over New York. It’s also a powerful marketing tool as we look to build.”

FirstLight can seamlessly meet the Bull Moose Club’s high expectations for connection quality and consistent uptime through its sophisticated fiber optic network, which is supported 24x7x365 by locally-based technicians, and its Internet architecture comprised of hundreds of private and public in-region peering points in order to reduce hop count and lower latency, which improves the overall user experience.

“FirstLight is honored to have been chosen by the Bull Moose Club to support their Internet connectivity needs,” commented Kurt Van Wagenen, President and CEO of FirstLight. “We pride ourselves on providing high-quality service and support as well as delivering customized comprehensive solutions to support businesses where superior quality and consistency are integral to their operations.”

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