Building a Better Internet: VostroNet on JSA TV

Building a Better Internet: VostroNet on JSA TV

Ensuring a better internet experience is something we all strive for in this industry – and we’re excited to introduce you to VostroNet, a company that is making this happen.

Maximizing internet value for Student Accommodation, Public Wi-Fi Residential Precincts and Hotels

CEO of VostroNet, Jonathan Runge, talks with JSA TV at PTC’18 about the company’s services, goals for 2018, the student market, trending in the telecom space, and more. Watch the video below:

Per VostroNet, the internet has become an essential requirement of everyday life, and users today demand a fast, reliable connection with no fuss. Through VostroNet’s next generation platform Q2, the company proactively monitors the network infrastructure – from its data centres all the way to individual users. Learn more about how VostroNet has revolutionised internet access for users and visit

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