nascar-804276_1280 (2)Dover International Speedway (DIS) recently worked with Ciena® (NYSE: CIEN) and Broad Valley Micro Fiber Networks Inc. to upgrade its facilities for the digital age. Broad Valley designed, constructed, and is operating DIS’s new WiFi over Ethernet/Fiber platform using Ciena’s packet networking solutions. Launched at the NASCAR race weekend on May 13, the upgrade helps eliminate bandwidth bottlenecks on race days and enables DIS to increase the network capacity required for videography, commerce and fan connectivity.

Improved broadband performance, reach and traffic management provided via the Broad Valley and Ciena solution improves the overall fan experience and race logistics. The upgraded network offers WiFi connectivity inside and outside the track to support point of sales systems, public internet access, security systems, and dedicated internet access for members of the media. It also allows for programmatic data analysis to aid in future marketing plans and strategic initiatives that improve operations and overall fan interactions.

“Broadband access is extremely important—and in very high demand—at sports stadiums and other outdoor venues. Fans want to be connected to their phones and other devices, and media and merchants all demand high-speed, secure connectivity. This project is a great case study in how you can upgrade digital capabilities in these types of environments,” said Taylor Salman, Vice President, Strategic Development, Broad Valley

“Broad Valley and Ciena are bringing DIS into the digital age with an intelligent, programmable and agile data networking platform that can scale to support more devices and efficiently monitor activity on the network. Our packet networking solutions reliably support large-scale events and venues, where tens of thousands of people are simultaneously accessing wireless data networks, alongside the event’s official networks for broadcast media and merchandising,” stated Jason Phipps, General Manager and Vice President, North America, Ciena

Ciena’s 3900 family of switches provide Broad Valley and DIS with a scalable and highly resilient network that can quickly add new high-capacity data services. Additionally, Ciena’s Unified Management solution offers complete visibility and control of the network, allowing Broad Valley to proactively resolve unexpected issues and maintain network reliability.

LightRiverLightRiver Technologies, Inc., an integrator of next generation transport solutions for carrier-grade networks, and Ciena Diamond-level BizConnect partner for seven years and the only global Ciena Authorized Learning Provider, provided network design and turnkey implementation package, project management, technical resources and post implementation support.

“This collaboration is really a showcase for what is possible when you combine the strategic leadership and market awareness at Broad Valley, with the technology leadership at Ciena, and next generation, transport network integration at LightRiver. Together, we designed and quickly deployed a network while establishing a support structure that will allow Broad Valley to grow,” concluded Michael Jonas, President, Global Sales & Marketing, LightRiver Technologies.