JSA had the pleasure of meeting once again (check out his video from PTC’18), Joe White, Chief Technology Officer for Brightlink.  Live from ITW 2018 in Chicago, Joe provides our audience with a great overview of Brightlink and the company’s exciting developments in 2018.

“We want to create the best experiences for our customers,” Joe comments, as he proceeds to provide an overview of Brightlink’s TMC-award winning product, Liveview®, which is a critical tool for today’s voice and messaging requirements, offering complete transparency, efficiency and deep insight related to customers’ network traffic data. With Liveview®, customers can view:

  • Where their calls are originating from and terminating to by geography, carrier and type
  • Voice quality metrics, completion percentages, duration and price
  • All customers’ traffic in and out of the Brightlink IP network, available in real time
  • Full statistical reporting, graphing, historical metrics and more

Watch the full video here:

To learn more about the exciting and growing company that is Brightlink, visit http://www.brightlink.com. The company will next be at Customer Contact Week, June 18-22 in Las Vegas. To book a meeting, click here.