TELEHOUSE America held its Q’1 2010 Breakfast on Broadway (BoB) event on February 25th.  Though there was a snow storm in New York City that day, attendance was terrific.   Three companies presented at the event, including TELEHOUSE America, AboveNet and Digital Edge – each company had strong messages and interesting data to ponder.

TELEHOUSE’s Fred Cannone, the company’s Director of Sales and Marketing, discussed how data center demand is outpacing supply.  There continues to be a limited number of multi-tenant data centers that can accommodate companies looking for cost-effective access to an eco-system of service providers that can offer high bandwidth solutions. 

In 2009, the company announced its interconnection solution through its Ethernet Private Line service, Global InterLink, a service that has the capability of connecting TELEHOUSE’s 37 global data centers while also providing access to other major data center hubs.  This solution provides companies a tremendous amount of benefits, including cloud computing.  TELEHOUSE calls this solution Data Center as a CloudTM.(DCaaC).  Their DCaaC solution provides companies with Total Managed Network Services through its data center and colocation footprint through their Internet exchanges in New York (NYIIX) and Los Angeles (LAIIX) as well as global Ethernet private line connectivity and a full suite of Manage-E solutions including on-site support, data back-up solutions, business continuity planning and more.

Key customer examples of the types of companies leveraging the DCaaC solution include Global Financial firms, Post Production houses and Law firms.  Each company requires a unique footprint, but all grounded on similar solutions; Dedicated Data Center Suites, Global Interlink – private line connectivity, Managed Services, IP Transit all in multiple locations across multiple continents.  This is TELEHOUSE’s specialty – a complete Total Solution Provider.

AboveNet’s Doug Turz presented next on high-bandwidth Ethernet trends and solutions.  AboveNet considers anything above 100 Mbps to be high-bandwidth (I say that’s certainly fair).  The company provides solutions to enterprise buildings and data centers serving companies that require bandwidth flexibility, convergence and low latency. 

The company is seeing a push toward more video, which of course uses more bandwidth.  Another trend that AboveNet sees, being a data center neutral provider, is there are more companies than just financial firms concerned with latency.  The healthcare industry is building out their network infrastructures with low latency bandwidth solutions.   Unlike the Financial industry that associates each millisecond with the loss of tens of thousands of dollars, it’s harder to put an actual figure associated with network latency when considering the healthcare industry, but it could certainly lead to a life or death situation.

The final presenting company was Digital Edge.  Digital Edge provided us with a special presentation, given by its client the March of Dimes.  Digital Edge provides consulting and virtualization implementation solutions.  For the March of Dimes, a company that relies on donations and fundraising programs that primarily uses the Internet it was important to be assured 100% uptime, since downtime equals lost donations – lost income and of course the company’s inability to aid the children they support. 

At any given moment the March of Dimes’ network could have up to 13,000 concurrent sessions – per second.   Digital Edge designed its network to ensure uptime – at the same time the company’s design did not fall prey to complete virtualization.  Scalability was a key driver for the design as the number of simultaneous virtual instances could be high – and had high processing requirements. 

As Digital Edge put it ‘you need a strategy.’  Companies need to know what to virtualize versus not and to understand the security associated with any network architecture.  When working with high performance solutions that require precise tuning, virtualization is not the answer.   In addition – if you require high security for your applications and services, virtualization will not suffice.

Digital Edge’s years of experience has indentified holes in a variety of software solutions developed by MicroSoft, Zen, VMware and more.  To have a company like Digital Edge consulting, designing and implementing your network solutions will certainly guarantee efficiency for the data you are transmitting.

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