bBooth to Start Wide-Scale Test of its NOTIFI ‘Push-to-Screen’ Communications TechnologybBooth, Inc. has reached an agreement to begin a wide-scale test of its NOTIFI multi-platform push-to-screen technology for a large network marketing company that has approximately 1.5 million active distributors in over 45 countries. This test represents an expansion of preliminary third-party testing that began in Nov 2015, early performance results were described as “flawless”.

Upon successful completion of the test, bBooth anticipates entering into negotiations to provide a world-wide commercial license for all active distributors. NOTIFI gives brands, corporate enterprise, and social media celebrities direct access to the mobile/desktop screens of their consumers, employees, and followers allowing them to deliver media-rich content.

“NOTIFI is a game-changer, not only for our Company – but for online advertisers, marketers, performance artists, and just about anyone that wants to create an unparalleled level of consumer engagement in online and social mediums”, states bBooth CEO Rory J. Cutaia.

In one application of the company’s NOTIFI technology, messages are delivered by presenters that seem todevice-icons-smart-phone-tablet-laptop-desktop-computer-vector-illustration-responsive-web-design-58371512 walk right out onto the screens of the recipients – all without the recipients having to open a browser or other mobile app or desktop program. “Once you see NOTIFI appear on the screen of your mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers, the impact is immediate and compelling” continues Cutaia. “You instantly understand the importance of the technology and the wide-ranging applications and monetization opportunities for it. Accordingly, we’ve ramped-up our business development and marketing efforts to focus our resources on other large-scale commercial users with whom we are in various stages of negotiations, testing, and/or due diligence.”

To watch a demo of what NOTIFI looks like on a mobile device, click here. To learn more, visit