bBooth, Inc. announced a new push-to-screen technology, branded ‘Notifi’, during its shareholders video downloadconference call.

bBoothTECH, the technology licensing division of the Company, has adapted the Notifi technology for business applications, such as customer outreach, acquisition and retention, and is now offering it on a licensing and subscription basis to consumer brands and other corporate users. With Notifi, businesses can send media-rich, audio/video messaging right to the desktop and mobile screens of their targeted recipients, team members, partners and/or customers without having to wait passively for their recipients to open a web browser, email application or a text messaging program to see and consume the interactive content. The only thing required is an internet-connected device. To view a quick demo of Notifi, please click on the video here.

db7351be7eb911e4946a0a85cd29cb07“We are excited to bring Notifi to the marketplace,” states Rory J. Cutaia, CEO of bBooth.  “We believe Notifi will change the way interactive content is distributed and consumed across all platforms, bringing music artists closer to their fans, consumer brands closer to their customers, and even physicians and medical practitioners closer to their patients. We foresee Notifi being used effectively in education, entertainment, finance, social media, gaming, and many other industries.”

For more information on Notifi and other bBooth products, please email [email protected].