CES-internatinalWith over 3,600 exhibitors and hundreds of speakers there were a lot of new ideas and inventions at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year. Jonathan Pease, Executive Ideas Director & Managing Partner at a firm solving problems with big ideas, breaks down the ones he’s most jealous of. At the top of his list was…bBooth!

bBooth, The Talent Discovery Company, has a simple concept that can remain viable for decades. Envision a casting booth where anyone can audition for a modeling job, acting gig, reality TV show, record deal, comedy act, etc.

Currently, there are two bBooth locations in LA and there are future plans to add more bBoothDoorthroughout malls across the US. Performances in bBooth are seen and heard on giant exterior monitors, attracting large crowds at the malls. Jonathan states, “This is not a brand new idea but what I like about this execution is that they appear to be hooked into Hollywood with a highly experienced executive team and real casting directors onsite at every bBooth.” Fast becoming a social phenomenon, bBooth is the new destination for people to see the stars of tomorrow performing at the malls today.  Performances are also seen on YouTube and shared across popular social media platforms.

Jonathan goes on to say, “At scale, bBooth opens up endless opportunities for content development and creation.”

For more information, visit our website http://www.bbooth.com/ or follow us on twitter.