bBooth, Inc. announced that it has agreed to acquire the intellectual property and other assets of the tech company Songstagram Inc. This acquisition will add to their mall-based audition booth, bringing talent discovery and music streaming to the palm of your hand. Songstagram Inc. is a global talent discovery platform with interactive streaming media and fan engagement capabilities, which will be available via mobile app and in-mall kiosks. This allows customers to interact with their favorite artists and provides powerful brand activation opportunities. The new app, tentatively names “kord” is built on a robust social media platform with state-of-the-art messaging and video sharing technology. “Kord” will allow established artists, new artists and fans of both to engage and interact with one another.

The acquisition will accelerate bBooth’s rollout for connecting Hollywood to America’s Hometowns, enabling new and emerging talent to be discovered from anywhere, through smartphones, tablets, desktops or via bBooth’s in-mall recording studios. Other app features include the ability to challenge each other to sing-off battles, and the ability to record a virtual ‘duet’ with one of your favorite celebrity singers.

“We continue to eliminate the barriers separating talented everyday people from being discovered and now we’re eliminating the barriers separating established talent from their fans,” states Rory J. Cutaia, CEO of bBooth.  “With the introduction of this technology, singers, actors, comedians and performers of all types will be able to monetize their content through their own online stores built into our app and then interact directly with their fans – the consumers of that content – in ways never before accomplished.”

bBooth expects the app to be available to the public later this quarter. For more information, visit