325_buildingimageAxiom Fiber Networks, the telecommunications infrastructure services provider, operating in the greater New York City metropolitan region, has established a Point of Presence (PoP) at 325 Hudson, the rising Carrier Hotel and Meet Me Room in New York City with a carrier-neutral core, strategically located on the fiber-dense crossroads of Hudson Street and the Holland Tunnel. The new PoP grants 325 Hudson’s carrier and enterprise customers full access to Axiom Fiber’s network.

Axiom Fiber Networks will offer 325 Hudson customers fiber diversity through a reliable and purpose built fiber network, focused on offering dark fiber solutions with flexible business terms delivered with speed, simplicity, and confidence. The Company’s plan to connect to multiple carrier hotels, such as 325 Hudson, is the strategic first development stage for Axiom Fiber Networks.

“325 Hudson is among the world’s top carrier hotels and was a first priority in the initial stages of deployment for Axiom Fiber Networks,” comments Felipe Alvarez, Chief Executive Officer of Axiom Fiber Networks. “Axiom Fiber offers diversity with our 864 strands of next generation fiber into 325 Hudson’s Meet Me Room. Establishing a PoP at 325 Hudson enables access to the major regional, national and international carriers.”

“The deployment of Axiom Fiber Networks at 325 Hudson provides a superior customer experience in a neutral environment. 325 Hudson’s customers can leverage a brand new network with additional diverse connectivity options through the facility’s Meet Me Room,” adds John Danko, Director of Business Development at 325 Hudson. “The complexities of deploying and operating a successful telecommunications network infrastructure in New York City involve providing fiber connectivity through our truly neutral Meet Me Room. Both companies are focused on providing the best customer service experience for carrier and enterprise.”

For more information on 325 Hudson, visit www.325hudson.com

To learn more about Axiom Fiber, visit www.axiomfiber.com