iphone-410324_640Avotus has released a white paper titled “The Price of Productivity – Mitigating the Risks of Unified Communications Deployments” and it’s free. The white paper, which is available for download now, details the “costs” of deploying a UC strategy without proper UC asset monitoring and reporting, including Instant Messaging, Mobility, VOIP, Service Directory, Audio and Video Conferencing and Presence.

Here are some highlights…

Enterprises are incorporating UC at a rapid pace due to its low-cost value proposition and expected increase in productivity. Are there “hidden costs” that are not being fully appreciated? Do they outweigh the benefits? The risks of implementing a UC solution aren’t always obvious and go beyond a simple errant text or instant message (IM), including:

  • Legal Liability
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Loss of Intellectual Property
  • Loss of Productivity – Misuse of Corporate Assets

Avotus-logo_new_taglineHow do you mitigate these risks to ensure that UC deployments have a positive impact on the firm? The white paper explains that a successful UC deployment involves ongoing and seamless monitoring and reporting on UC asset usage. Critical to a successful long-term UC strategy is comprehensive visibility and actionable insights regarding misuse, abuse and intellectual property sharing. An Enhanced Usage Reporting platform can mitigate the risks associated with a UC deployment and allow the firm to reap the productivity gains from UC with confidence.

The white paper goes on to explain how UC deployments are increasing, and so are the risks. It provides several examples that outline the potential threats of UC Deployment. It also covers the regulatory compliance and legal liability associated with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA and the Dodd-Frank Act.

The white paper illustrates that, fortunately, there are pioneers in expense management and telecom asset management dedicated to uncovering potential issues as methods of communications evolve. They have not only monitored and reported on the potential problems associated with UC implementation and asset misuse – they have also worked to mitigate those issues.

Today enterprises can install their favorite UC platform, in concert with an Enhanced Usage Reporting solution that effectively mitigates these risks, protecting their communications environment.

To read the full white paper and learn more about this topic, visit http://www.avotus.com/white-paper.asp.