Avotus-logo_new_taglineIt’s been a busy month for Avotus Corporation. Last week the company launched its Employee Value Program (EVP), extending corporate wireless discounts and mobility shopping to employees via an online retail portal. Today, the leading provider of Intelligent Communications Management (ICM) solutions, announces a partnership with TrustSphere, the recognized market leader in relationship analytics. The collaboration creates a joint platform that combines Avotus’ big data capture capabilities with TrustSphere’s advanced social network analytics technology to form a market-leading “relationship analytics platform” that extends beyond email and throughout the full Unified Communications (UC) platform.

TrustSphere LogoBy capturing multiple digital communication flows through Avotus’ EUR and analyzing them via the Trustsphere platform in an integrated solution, organizations will gain real-time analytical insights around internal, partner and customer-facing data relationships.

“We launched EUR UC 9.0 in May to transform our firm’s capabilities and become a powerful solution engine beyond voice,” stated Avotus CEO James Martino. “EUR’s visibility into the full set of UC features supercharges the value of our EUR offering. Through our partnership with TrustSphere, we are demonstrating Avotus’ new position in the big data analytics space. EUR’s ability to capture, store and report on every UC communication session creates a treasure trove of information that innovative data analytics firms such as TrustSphere can then extract insights for their clients. I see EUR becoming the central hub for the capture and storage of usage information, which will eventually feed multiple partner platforms for the benefit of our clients.”

Big DataBig data continues to grow exponentially, with Frost & Sullivan predicting that global data traffic will surpass 100 Zettabytes annually by 2025. (Source – Frost and Sullivan: World’s Top Mega Trends to 2025 and Implications to Business, Society and Cultures) Additionally, in its paper titled, “IDC Predictions 2015: Accelerating Innovation — and Growth — on the 3rd Platform,” IDC predicts the global big data and analytics market will reach $125 billion in hardware, software and services revenue by year’s end.

“Our partnership with Avotus represents a quantum step forward towards our vision of delivering the complete relationship graph and associated analytics for enterprise and governments,” said TrustSphere CEO Manish Goel. “By leveraging Avotus’ deep integrations into the world’s most popular UC platforms, and combining this with our own market-leading analytics, we can jointly provide an unprecedented level of insight for clients.”

To learn more about the offering, read the full press release or visit Avotus’ partner page.