The thought of data center downtime can be terrifying. A single hour of disruption costs the average enterprise hundreds of thousands of dollars. Such traumatic incidents are even known to drive organizations out of business within months of happening. IT infrastructure is not only vulnerable to operational mismanagement, but also natural disasters and a rapidly growing contingent of cybercriminals. Luckily, companies whose core competency is not data center management (which is most) can look to platforms that can take over their critical infrastructure.

There’s a wide range of third party execution venues to choose, such as colocation, hosting, and cloud. Each requires the customer to relinquish a varying degree of responsibility to the provider. It’s often difficult to figure out which solution makes not only the most financial sense but also keeps mission critical applications the most invulnerable to threats.

In West 7’s latest e-book, A Step Ahead: Colocation for Business Continuity with West 7 Center, the company examines the debilitating cost of downtime and explores the various outsourcing models available. When choosing an IT infrastructure partner, it’s essential to consider your options to ensure a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity strategy.

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