Evocative is a leading provider of highly secure internet infrastructure services, and as such offers companies – from Fortune 500s to start-ups – a wide range of IT solutions, including colocation, hosting, hybrid cloud and network connectivity. Over the past year Evocative experienced significant growth and needed to partner with a Los Angeles data center provider so it could stay focused on providing high reliability and strong customer support.

West 7 Center believes in staying ahead of the curve when it comes to keeping vital IT infrastructure online and connected, and being in the heart of downtown Los Angeles made them the perfect  partner for Evocative’s needs.

“The West 7 Center and Rising Realty team have been terrific to work with throughout our deployment. West 7 Center is unlike a lot of data center providers that try to force you into certain power or space requirements. At West 7 Center, we have a ton of flexibility to customize our environment in regard to space, power, cooling and backup.” – Arman Khalili, CEO, Evocative.

About West 7 Center:

Custom Colocation Solutions

  • Customize your data center footprint with 172,000 sq ft of available space.
  • 3MW of available back-up power.
  • 9 floors of office space and 340,000 RSF of datacenter space on 3 subterranean levels.
  • Carrier-neutral site with 16 carriers and service providers from three diverse entry points into the building. 

Back Up / Disaster Recovery

  • Ensure your critical data and systems are protected & backed by two central plants with N+1 power/cooling redundancy.
  • Over 70,000 gallons of fuel on hand in case of emergency or power outages.
  • Total of 16.9 MW of generator backed power.
  • 3,000 kW of Building UPS power.
  • 9,000 tons of cooling capacity for telecom, mission critical, co-location and datacenter operations.
  • 24/7 on-site engineering and security support. 

Built To Last

  • Tier III+ datacenter facility built with mission critical infrastructure.
  • Exceeded seismic standards when it was first built, and has since undergone upgrades to further increase its reliability and efficiency.
  • Building has undergone significant upgrades in order to keep up with the ever-changing technology environment.

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To learn more about West 7 Center, please visit www.west7center.com.