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GlobeNet Named Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Company of the Year in the Latin American Carrier of Carrier Services Market

GlobeNet continues to be recognized with prestigious industry awards– the very latest being Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Company of the Year in the Latin American Carrier of Carrier Services Market. This marks the second year in a row that GlobeNet has been honored with this distinction, which recognizes the company’s commitment to introducing new technology

GlobeNet’s Barranquilla (Colombia) Data Center Recognized for Sustainability Practices

Not only does GlobeNet’s new data center in Barranquilla, Colombia, meet the highest requirements to support mission-critical IT services, it is also implements initiatives to minimize environmental impact and carbon footprint. Today, GlobeNet announced that their Barranquilla data center has been acknowledged by ICREA’s Green Seal Certification for the company’s efforts to meet rigorous environment

NGN Combines Efforts with Broadband Communities Magazine to Bring Economic Development Conference to Atlanta

Over the years, NGN has placed a large focus on providing the tools and education for Georgia community leaders to understand how to leverage their gigabit asset to promote economic development in rural areas. Last year, NGN's Georgia Gigabit Communities Summit was an important launching point for many to have these conversations and this year,

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Salus Telehealth Offers Free Prescription Discount Card through Partnership with MedImpact

Prescription medication costs can be staggering – especially for those will limited or no insurance coverage. To help VideoMedicine patients offset these high costs Salus Telehealth is now offering a free savings card that provides discounts of up to 80 percent off brand-name and generic prescription medications. Through a new partnership with MedImpact Healthcare Systems,

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Salus Telehealth’s VideoMedicine Connects Touring Recording Artists with Their Physicians

Recording artists are known to have very aggressive travel schedules – often playing in a new city every night to the delight of their fans. The constant setup, breakdown, rehearsals, performances and nightly bus travel can certainly take a toll on the artists and their crew – and getting sick is the last thing they

XKL Unveils DarkStar DMD-A Optical Utility Appliance at ITW 2017

This morning XKL debuted its latest at ITW 2017 – the Mux/Demux – Amplifier (DMD-A) optical utility appliance. Designed to improve network flexibility and manageability, the DMD-A provides a variety of filter options including 48-channel or 96-channel mux/demux and 4-band or 6-band combiner filter, and allows for point-to-point or east/west configurations. It also provides support for

Salus Telehealth’s VideoMedicine Mobile App Connects Liberty HealthShare Members with Doctors 24/7

Salus Telehealth’s mobile app, VideoMedicine, is definitely making waves in the telemedicine industry as the company announces its newest customer, Liberty HealthShare. VideoMedicine allows patients to access doctors 24/7 from their mobile device, tablet or computer, to receive care for a variety of health conditions, including the flu and stomach virus that frequently occur during

NGN Preps for Significant Increase in Network Demand Driven by Subscriber Growth in Georgia

Since its inception, NGN has been supporting rural communities with connectivity that rivals that of the biggest urban areas in the world. This best-in-class broadband has truly empowered area residents to “live rural” and “work global.” The businesses and residents of the Georgia communities served by NGN’s Members are certainly harnessing that connectivity – as

BSO’s ‘Mumbai Connect’ Offers Ultra Low Latency Connectivity In/Out of India to Global Markets

In response to the incredible growth in high-frequency and algorithmic transactions in India, BSO has launched ‘Mumbai Connect’, an ultra low latency service that offers ultra-fast, flexible connectivity in/out of India to major global markets. BSO is filling India’s high frequency traders’ needs for a network provider with the local knowledge and superior infrastructure to help

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BSO Establishes ‘Gateway to Mexico’ with McAllen Data Center PoP

This morning BSO announced  the establishment of a PoP in McAllen Data Center, the latest in a flurry of US expansion news in recent weeks that has included the establishment of a New York City Metro network with a diverse route to Aurora DC3 in Chicago and the introduction of three key premium ultra low-latency

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BSO Optimizes Low-Latency Connectivity on FX Routes with Accedian’s Monitoring Technology

BSO challenges the norm within the telecom industry with the company’s customer-centric approach and constant focus on innovation. This mission drives BSO to constantly evaluate and optimize routes to provide its customers with the lowest latency connectivity on important global financial routes. To achieve this, the BSO team conducts on-going reviews of technology partners, seeking

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Social Media Photographers – Simply Use #Scopio to Gain More Exposure (and Profit!)

Professional and amateur photographers alike use Twitter and Instagram to share their images with friends and followers. Well, what if your photos could gain more ground and also get in front of the eyes of designers, journalists and business leaders that may want to license it from you? Gone are the days of submitting your

Teach Local, Learn Global with Distance Learning – NGN’s Latest eBook Shows You How

Distance learning combines education and technology to connect students with people, experiences, lessons and so much more that would traditionally be out of reach for many children. It has had a profound impact on K-12 students in Rural America – as the technology has proven to be a gateway to global educational opportunities that have

BSO Lights Up Crucial Circuit for NYC Financial Community

On the heels of last week’s virtual press conference and announcement about offering the fastest connectivity between CME and Moscow, Dubai and Mumbai, today BSO announces some big news on their North America expansion efforts with the establishment of a key New York City metro network. The Equinix NY4 – Equinix NY9 – 325 Hudson –

BSO Empowers Chicago’s Financial Community with the Fastest Connectivity between CME and Moscow, Dubai and Mumbai

Chicago is home to the biggest derivatives market in the world and the subject of today’s big BSO announcement as they launch three important ultra low-latency trading routes between the Windy City and Moscow, Dubai and Mumbai. The premium routes move eastward across the Atlantic, and are now the fastest available between CME and the

Find Fresh, Relevant Images to License on Twitter and Instagram with Scop.io

Marketing and media professionals (our JSA team included!) are always looking for fresh images to complement blogs, social media messaging and collateral, yet finding engaging, relevant visual content can be hard to find from stock photography sources. Meanwhile, literally tens of millions of user-generated photos and videos are added to Twitter and Instagram each day, but

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