Arayna Technologies Launches Archer, RFI and RFP Management Platform for Data Center Industry

Arayna Technologies Launches Archer, RFI and RFP Management Platform for Data Center Industry

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When working with data center customers, Ajay Nagar realized that RFP managers and responding vendors are losing countless hours running the bidding process manually via email, not to mention the hassle and stress involved. Now, he’s addressing that challenge with his company, Arayna Technologies, and its new flagship product, Archer.

“I discovered that the bidding process is very inefficient and frustrating for all involved,” states Ajay Nagar, Founder & CEO of Arayna Technologies. “Companies are saving time and trouble with our modern tool that delivers a unique solution to a persistent but often neglected challenge. Archer is reinventing the bidding experience for data center professionals.”

Archer, an RFI and RFP management platform designed for the data center market, simplifies, streamlines and standardizes the bidding experience, which is used during all data center phases from design, construction and operation to migration. With this new tool, companies can eliminate unorganized and inefficient email-based bidding management and focus instead on developing quality, effective content. And with data center investment skyrocketing, this efficiency comes at a great time for the marketplace.

Archer’s features include:

  • Allows efficient management of the process end-to-end with easy collaboration, communication, document upload and tracking directly in the portal
  • Highly customizable templates based on analysis of hundreds of data center RFPs
  • Weighted scoring, drill down, and side-by-side comparison for bid leveling
  • Built-in workflow to streamline and speed up approvals
  • Organization of bidding schedule, communication and submissions in various stages of the process within one consolidated dashboard
  • Time savings of up to 60% for data center RFP managers and responding vendors
  • Delivers the comprehensive management that many generic RFP management tools lack, ensuring that the bidding experience is as easy, quick and meaningful as possible

See the full release here, and make sure to follow Arayna Technologies on Twitter and LinkedIn for more updates.

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