In the fast-paced world of financial technology, connectivity matters. Whether it’s ultra-low latency global trading or simple balance transfers between individual users’ accounts, ensuring that transactions are completed without interruption or delay is the foundation of fintech.

An international leader in the fintech space, Anova Technologies just announced a collaboration to provide ultra-low latency wireless connectivity between two major foreign exchange hubs.

Anova Technologies is the only global carrier that offers wireless and fiber connectivity as well as market data distribution across all asset classes. Today, Anova announced a collaborative effort with Beeks Financial Cloud Group Plc, a leading low-latency Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider for financial markets, to deploy microwave connectivity between the NY4 and DC3 data centers. This move marks Anova’s first deployment of its ultra-low latency wireless network in service of the FX asset class.

This collaboration will offer Beeks’ clients, including foreign exchange (FX) traders, cost-effective and ultra-low latency connectivity over a robust wireless network that is double the size of most other commercially available routes.

“As FX trading continues to mature, microwave connectivity and the significant latency savings it provides continue to push the market forward,” states Joe Hilt of Anova Technologies. “Anova’s ability to provide ultra-low latency connectivity and high availability over our wireless network has proved beneficial to many asset classes. Beeks Financial Cloud and its depth of FX customers is a perfect partner for Anova to provide these critical latency savings to the FX market.”

“Beeks is extremely pleased to work with Anova to the benefit of our mutual clients,” comments Des Peck, Commercial Director, Beeks Financial Cloud. “We are continuing to look for other locations where working with wireless partners in this fashion makes sense as an option, with the goal of providing greater opportunities for our customers.”

Joe Hilt, who was recently brought on board to serve as Anova Technologies’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing, is available for meetings at the FIA EXPO 2018 event, taking place October 16-18, at the Hilton, Chicago. To schedule a meeting with Joe, contact [email protected]

Des Peck will also be available for meetings at FIA EXPO 2018 to represent Beeks Financial Cloud. To schedule a meeting with Mr. Peck, email [email protected].

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