The following interview was held between CEO Jaymie Scotto Cutaia and JSA’s VP of Business Development & Account Strategy, Vanessa Eixman, to develop our latest piece in the Forbes’ Agency Council.

Jaymie Scotto Cutaia: There’s no question that our industry is hyper-competitive and it’s becoming increasingly important for organizations to achieve and maintain an edge for their companies. A good brand can get you noticed and remembered. 

Vanessa Eixman: Agreed! Your company brand gives you a way to identify with your target audience and create a memorable first impression. Using the right message in the right form can help to gain new clients and also strengthen existing customer relationships. I’ve been in the telecom industry for over 20 years and have seen first-hand that to be competitive, companies need to be agile, forward-thinking and constantly look for ways to stand out. If you aren’t communicating your strengths, then you are probably getting passed up by the competition. 

Jaymie Scotto Cutaia: In thinking about top brands out there such as soft drink companies, automakers, and mobile phone companies, the best of the best truly connect with their audiences. So, how can companies in our space highlight what makes them unique and when is it time to rebrand or ‘refresh’ elements of their brand? 

Vanessa Eixman: There is no shortage of ways to create a winning brand to make an impact and get your company noticed. Successful brands build trust and increase name recognition by developing targeted content and disseminating it across a variety of mediums to connect their company to their key audiences, creating emotional ties. And in our ever-competitive telecom industry, there will probably be a point when you need to refresh your existing company messages and the look of the key assets that make your company stand out. 

Jaymie Scotto Cutaia: Love it – you are talking about JSA’s sweet spot. It’s about creating a brand 2.0 and amplifying what you’ve established in new and fresh ways. JSA has helped companies do this for years and as you know, just celebrated our 15 year anniversary. Our team proactively helps our clients build and manage campaigns across various mediums to increase brand exposure and reinforce their position – further unifying their customers with products and services. 

Vanessa Eixman: Exactly – it’s so exciting that we’ve been able to impact so many clients in a positive way and I’m blessed to be a part of it all at JSA for 12+ years. And really, companies that have been around for a while may not need a complete rebrand. You don’t want to alienate clients or partners who have already established a connection and trust you. But if your website traffic has decreased, new sales are flat or if your customers are not as engaged with your team, it may be time for a refresh of the existing brand to reset your position in the marketplace. This can help build more momentum, re-engage your audiences and serve as a re-commitment to your existing customers.

A good example of re-energizing an existing brand can be found in EdgeConneX. As an established global leader in Edge data centers, the company did not want to completely deconstruct its brand, but rather re-assert its voice and position in the marketplace while further emphasizing its strategic focus on its customers.

Through a coordinated approach to further educate its marketplace and drive results for its customers and partners, EdgeConneX launched an ‘Empower Your Edge’ campaign to more publicly entrench the company into what it has been delivering for over a decade, Edge data center services defined by its customers, where they need them in the form factor they require. The campaign included cohesive marketing initiatives to increase its brand exposure and reinforce its position as an edge pioneer and leader. EdgeConneX consciously chose to focus on its customers in a crowded market where competition often places an emphasis on the technology or size of their business. The company refreshed branded elements including colors, taglines, and imagery to represent the differentiation, flexibility and scalability of its services. These elements were overlaid into various marketing mediums to drive home the refreshed messaging and further unify its customers and services. This comprehensive rebranding initiative led to a number of quantifiable results, including a triple-fold increase in website traffic. 

Jaymie Scotto Cutaia: Very exciting and such a good example of how to make your mark. Can you share a few of the ways that organizations can express and communicate their rebrand? 

Vanessa Eixman: Driving momentum can include updates to your logo, typography, website, catchy taglines and well-crafted messages. To get noticed, start by updating your core asset, your website. You can drive visitors to it, increase page views and engagements through: 

  • Social media: Update graphics and taglines to reflect your brand refresh and to help increase followers, likes, shares and impressions.
  • Digital marketing: Create social media ad campaigns for lead generation and further brand awareness.
  • Newsletters: Inform your customers and partners of milestones, capabilities and latest developments and drive them back to your updated website.
  • Email campaigns: Create a series of lead generation email or ‘drip’ campaigns leveraging branded trackable landing pages. Include a series of A, B, C email versions to track which messages resonate the most to drive more engagements.
  • Engaging content: Thought-leadership through bylined articles, e-books and white papers can be promoted using the tactics noted above and also be featured on your website.

Embrace your company brand and take control of the conversation.  By building an overarching marketing strategy that unifies behind the brand, you can drive results to bolster your position in the marketplace. 

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