Allied Fiber will be presenting on the topic of fiber in the south east this September. Allied Fiber’s first stop will be in Atlanta, GA on September 13 for ATP’s C’mon Baby Light My Fiber panel discussion on building private Fiber Networks. Hunter Newby, Allied Fiber’s CEO will speak at the event. Later in the month, Allied Fiber will be in Orlando, FL for the FTTH Conference from September 26-30 where President & COO, Jason Cohen will present on the topic of FTTH for Smart Grids. Allied Fiber will cover a broad range of how dark fiber plays an intricate role in networks of all sizes.

Currently, Allied Fiber is in the process of building out Phase I of its nation-wide dark fiber system.  Allied Fiber is employing the most advanced fiber optic cables in its multi-duct dark fiber system to meet the ever increasing bandwidth demands for wireless, Video over IP and other advanced technologies thus enabling the development of the Global Broadband Economy for the United States.

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