westellFollowing the success of Westell’s National Passives Month for the month of October, the company will continue the promotions throughout the month of November 2015. Together with its distributor partners, Westell will continue to offer a number of new and exciting promotions designed to both incentivize and educate users on the benefits of deploying the right passive components. Exclusive offers and promotions are available until end of day Monday, November 30.

“Westell’s National Passives Month and the total value it has brought to our customers business efforts was well received. Our highlighted programs of customer support, field education, product quality and exceptional value deliver what our customers need.  We are pleased to extend the promotion throughout November,” states Chuck Bernstein, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Westell.  “We will continue to generate awareness about the importance of choosing the right vendor, with the right passives for optimal DAS performance and introduce new additions to our passives product portfolio, including our ClearLink® Low PIM 4.3-10 connector line.”

To learn more about Westell’s National Passives Month, call a member of Westell’s In-Building Wireless Group at (877) 844-4274 or email Jennifer Davis, Director of Marketing and Communications: [email protected].