Active Watch Security’s Jeffrey Monk Discusses Going Global and 2018 Plans

Every January, professionals from all over the world gather together in Honolulu for one of the biggest events in the telecom industry – the Pacific Telecommunications Council Annual Conference, otherwise known as PTC. There’s no doubt that the event can be a whirlwind of networking, panels, deal-making activities and more, but our own , Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, slowed down to catch up on JSA TV with one of our very good friends, Jeffrey Monk, VP of Sales at Active Watch Security.

Operating in Vancouver, British Columbia, but catering to both local and global customers, Active Watch Security is a worldwide video monitoring company that specializes in real-time video surveillance of critical areas. 

In the interview, Jeffrey provides an overview of Active Watch Security services and vision. 

“Our goal is predicting and preventing crime before it happens, by giving technology a vision and taking security cameras one step further.”

To learn more about Active Watch Security its plans for 2018 and how “following the sun” became their business model, watch the JSA TV below or click here.