Acquisition Positions the Company to Offer the Highest Levels of Bandwidth, and Network Solutions Beyond its Fiber Network

Resurgence Infrastructure Holdings, LLC made it official with the announcement today; it has acquired Strome Networks, LLC. The company is now the new owner and operator of a contiguous dark fiber network in Florida with reach into Atlanta, GA.  With the acquisition, Strome Networks has new ownership and will operate under the new trade names “Resurgence” and “Resurgence Infrastructure Group” (ResurgenceIG).

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to acquire and build upon the network and colocation assets of Strome Networks,” comments Scott Drake, CEO of ResurgenceIG.  “This geographically strategic network is constructed along secure private rights-of-way, interconnected to key data centers in both Florida and Georgia, and includes eleven Type-II data and colocation facilities.”

ResurgenceIG now owns and operates a contiguous dark fiber network in Florida, including 120,000 optical fiber miles of available capacity extending from Miami, FL to Jacksonville, FL and a dark fiber network that continues into Atlanta, GA with approximately 82,000 optical fiber miles of available capacity.  ResurgenceIG services and products include dark fiber IRU’s, dark fiber leasing, lateral construction, and leasing of cabinet space in its data/colocation facilities.

“Our operating model is based upon improved operating costs along with a fundamental change in direction—we are expanding our product offerings,” states Nick Lenoci, President and COO of ResurgenceIG.   “A key growth strategy for us in the near-future, is to offer Spectrum leases, also known as Alien Waves in addition to our existing dark fiber IRU’s and leases.  We are also exploring a fundamental structural change of our network from a linear architecture to a ring architecture.”

“We are two long-term veterans of telecom, technology and infrastructure,” continues Drake.  “Since August 2016, we have managed this network, protected our customers’ interests in IRU’s and colocation leases, and diligently attacked the operating model of the company to ensure a strong foundation for our future and for our customers.  And we can now develop network solutions beyond the existing borders of our Southeastern fiber network.”

ResurgenceIG has a clear vision for its future; the growth capital to execute its business plans and a well-qualified core management team to support its customers.  The company’s key focus is tailoring customer solutions and services for customers’ needs by efficiently leveraging and growing their network infrastructure assets.

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