C9VoIP, VoIP provider servicing small business, enterprise, and wholesale clients, had a problem. They were preparing to integrate its providers into an admin/client portal, when they quickly realized the task was easier said than done. Having to juggle the API functions of more than two providers proved to be a very cumbersome process, taking a lot of time and causing a lot of risk. It was clear that C9VoIP needed a solution. After countless conversations & lofty research endeavors, the company decided to take matters into its own hands.

Enter Teleco.IO, the first and only company that aggregates several providers into one, cohesive API. The company’s comprehensive interface speaks to the needs of management & sales, while providing seamless automated interface for clients. Most importantly, this sophisticated API eliminates the usual cost and risk associated with integrating providers.

But C9VoIP is not the only one reaping the benefits from its sister company. Teleco.IO is a much-needed solution for all existing providers and enterprise companies, as well as entrepreneurs wanting to break into the industry.

So what does 2015 look like for Teleco.IO? The company is excited to continually develop and better its product, and has a series of related tools and impactful features scheduled to release.

Get Founder & CEO Jeff Taylor’s perspective here.

To learn more about Teleco.IO visit www.teleco.io.