In a post by Shanna Mallon on May 11, 2012, discussed 7 reasons corporate websites are so boring and how to fix them.  The problems and tips Ms. Mallon suggests may just be what your website needs to captivate your audience…

  1. Website authors forget the reader.  Too much of their content is product driven with little thought about the audience.  Show them why they should be interested.
    Tip: “Think about what your product offers customers, and look for ways to build your content around those benefits.”
  2. Unfamiliar with the audience.  “Who are your typical customers?”  Know your audience, what they want, and what interests them.
    Tip: It is very important to research your audience before writing the content, whether that is done internally or through a marketing company.
  3. “It’s too general and filled with fluff.” One of the biggest problems with website content is that it does not offer the reader anything substantial, or hard facts.  Do not just write to fill a page, provide your readers with information that they will find helpful.
    Tip: Ask yourself the basic questions “who, what, where and when for readers.”
  4. Too specific and verbiage filled.  Do not write as if you are speaking with someone in your industry, write is a “way that appeals to the readers.”  Content that is too detailed can easier turn off your audience.
    Tip: Create content that will appeal to the average consumer.
  5. Content that is too long.  As more content is added be sure to reevaluate what you might want to remove.
    Tip: “Rather than make your content longer, make it more meaningful.”
  6. Third person writing.  “Third person often feels stale, stuffy, boring and disconnected from readers.”
    Tip: Write in second person, this way you are directly addressing your audience/customer.
  7.  Sloppy and Unprofessional.  Many companies do not assign enough time or energy to writing content, which results in sloppy and unprofessional writing.
    Tip: If you do not have the resources or time to produce it in house, “then enlist a professional copywriter for help.”

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