Fall event season is upon us, and as event planning and networking experts, we wanted to share some of our trade show tips with you. They are actually very simple; just take the time to plan your time wisely to make sure attending the event is not a waste of your precious time.

# 1 – Set Your Goals

  • Why are you attending; what problems are you looking to solve? 
  • Develop a strategy to achieve your goal. It’s simple, just use the tips outlined below.
  • Pick 5-10 top companies that you want to meet at the event from the exhibitor/attending company list.

# 2 – Secure Meetings in Advance

  • Prepare questions well before your meeting to make the most of your time with that company.
  • If you can’t confirm a meeting with the “right person,” still make efforts to meet with that company, and while doing so, obtain the name and contact information of the person you want to meet with so you can contact him/her after the event.
  • Reconnect with existing contacts to grow your relationship; facetime is golden!

#3 – Use the Event App

  • This is a great way to connect with attendees and set your meetings in advance.  
  • Download it as soon as it becomes available.  
  • You might have some companies looking to meet with you as well, so make yourself available by using the app.

#4 – Be Social

  • Attend the networking receptions; you could have the opportunity to meet with some of the speakers and/or companies that didn’t respond to your meeting request.   
  • Use social media before, during and after the event. It is a perfect tool to communicate with people who have tuned out of direct mail, email and phone calls. Social media can also help you extend the conversation you sparked up at the show. Share pictures from the show along with info on new products and product demonstrations.

#5 – Follow Up

  • Make a point to touch base with the individuals you met with, within 48 hours of the event.
  • Draft a follow-up message in advance so you are able to reach out easily when you return to the office.
  • You or your company just put a lot of time, money and energy into the event, so make the most out of it by not letting your new leads get cold.

Interested in learning more about which events you should be attending? We can help find the right ones for you and your company. Contact [email protected] to set up a conversation about your event schedule.