451 Research has determined that cellular Internet of Things (IoT) and machine to machine (M2M) connections will increase nearly fourfold globally from 252 million in 2014 to 908 million in 2019. The surge in these cellular connections is primarily due to three main factors:

  • Significant drops in hardware & bandwidth cost now allow for enterprises to reap the benefits of virtualizing the physical world.
  • Cloud-based middleware and data platforms are making it easier to quickly and securely generate insights from machine data.
  • IoT & M2M hype has generated overall awareness, competitiveness and support of complex new business models.


“Over the forecast period we expect that M2M and IoT solution suppliers will find fertile ground in vertical markets and will adopt strategies that drive the transformation from brick and mortar to ʻclick and mortarʼ,” says Brian Partridge, Research Vice President. IoT_InfographicLG

Leading the pack of IoT devices are wearables, which have the potential to become an important interface for all Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) access as they move from consumer-driven to enterprise. The latest 451 Research report titled, “Time for Work: Smart Watch App Development Turns to the Enterprise” authored by 451 Enterprise Mobility analysts Ryan Martin and Chris Hazelton, finds that 39% of US IT decision-makers, at companies that use or plan to use wearable technologies, will deploy solutions within the next six months and 24% will deploy within the year. 81% of these IT professionals say smart watches will be the wearable-of-choice for deployment.

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For more information on the Internet of Things, please visit: https://451research.com/internet-of-things.

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