After the back-to-back whirlwind that was January – which had our team in Honolulu for PTC’19 and Miami for Metro Connect (I know, not bad for January) – we are pleased to declare that it is now JSA’s turn to take the ‘must-attend-event’ stage – now bigger and better than ever before!

Telecom Exchange, JSA’s award-winning event for tech and telecom c-levels, is expanding to four locations this year: Dallas, New York, Toronto and LA. TEX is a staple event in our industry, and expanding to four locations highlights JSA’s ability to follow the market trends and provide arenas for industry thought leaders to come together and share actionable ideas.  

Here to talk to us about the expansion and give a peak into what we can expect from TEX in 2019 is our very own Amy Chovanec, Exchange Director for Telecom Exchange. Check out what Amy has to say to Jaymie in her interview below. 

Interested in learning more about TEX and how you can get involved? Visit, or email [email protected] . #HappyNetworking!