Q&A with Paul Mangles, Awards Manager, DatacenterDynamics

Last month, DatacenterDynamics announced the extension of its global awards program to North America. To date, there has been a very positive response to the awards that recognize innovation, leadership and ‘out of the box’ thinking in the data center industry across the North American region. Open to entrants from both the United States and Canada, the awards program features eight categories and will conclude in a gala ceremony to take place in San Francisco on July 12.

To gain more of an inside look at the new North American awards, JSA had the pleasure of speaking today to Paul Mangles, Awards Manager for DatacenterDynamics:

JSA: Why North America for these awards; why is now the right time?

Paul: Quite simply the timing is right. We have spent six years developing a global awards program most notably in Europe, followed by taking this model to China and South America. It has worked well in different regions, and we now feel it is ready for the biggest data center market in the world. We are excited to bring these Awards to the United States (and Canada).

JSA: What kinds of companies are encouraged to enter these awards? Are they limited to just those who own/operate data centers?

Paul: The awards are open to any companies that are doing anything successful in the data center industry. This ranges from companies providing co-location and managed hosting solutions to those developing hardware and software that allows the data center run more effectively to end users who ultimately reap the dividends.

JSA: How many applicants to the North American awards are there to date?

Paul: We have been blown away by the response we’ve had so far to these awards and already have a great balance of potential finalists. Ideally we’d like at least six qualified entrants per category and we are well on our way to achieving this.

JSA: What are the judging criteria?

We have different criteria for different categories; you can view the criteria for each category following this link: http://www.datacenterdynamics.com/awards/nam/categories

JSA: And speaking of judges, what an amazing panel you have put together!

Paul: Yes, we are very proud of our panel, and honored to have them participate in these inaugural awards. The chairman of the panel, Dr. Ian Bitterlin, has judged for our European awards since their inception. All of our judges are key industry experts, bringing forth a wealth of knowledge, experience, integrity, and outstanding assessment skills to accurately weigh each award entrant. To learn more about our judges, go to http://www.datacenterdynamics.com/awards/nam/judges.

(Full DatacenterDynamics Judging Panel is as following:

Roger Schmidt, IBM Fellow,  IBM & Prior ASHRAE TC 9.9 Chairman
Mark Monroe, VP & CTO, DLB Associates
Jack Glass, SVP, ASHARE TC 9.9 Chairman, Citigroup
Peter Gross, VP of Mission Critical Systems, Bloom Energy
Don Beaty,  PE, ASHRAE Fellow / ASHRAE TC 9.9,  International Liaison & Publications Chair / DLB Associates President
Peter M. Curtis, President/CEO,  Power Management Concepts, LLC
Charles Rego,  Chief Architect – High Density Data Centers, Intel
Ron Hughes,  Director of the Office of Technology Services, State of California
Stephen Worn, CTO & CEO, N. America, DatacenterDynamics)

JSA: Is the deadline being extended?

Paul: Yes, deadline has been extended to May 20th, so hurry and get your entry in now!

JSA: Are opportunities still open for sponsoring an award?

Paul: Yes indeed; if you would like to align your brand with best practice and excellence in the data center marketplace, we’d love to hear from you.

JSA: And finally, for the July 12 awards gala to be held in San Francisco, who, apart from the award entrants, is encouraged to attend? What are the benefits of attending?

Paul: We would encourage anyone who wishes to rub shoulders and network with industry leaders and companies who share the value of innovation and continued improvement to attend. It will be an amazing event, not to be missed. It will set the precedent for our future awards events in North America.

JSA: Thank you, Paul, very much for your time. JSA wishes you the best of luck with these awards, and are very proud to support them.

It’s not too late! Apply for the DatacenterDynamics North American Awards today – visit: www.datacenterdynamics.com/awards/nam.