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Stream Data Centers Welcomes New SVP of Global Accounts and Platform Strategy

SVP of Global Accounts and Platform Strategy

The term ‘customer experience’ is so frequently used (and overused) that sometimes it can seem like it means next to nothing anymore. After all, every company delivers some kind of customer experience, whether for better or for worse — and competing to offer the best experiences is one of the most challenging things any provider […]

netnumber Global Data Services Extends Carrier ID Coverage to Cameroon, Onboards Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong and Ghana

netnumber carrier ID Cameroon

Big news out of Boston from netnumber Global Data Services, the world-leading provider of phone number intelligence data! The company just announced that it has expanded its industry-leading mobile routing solution, Carrier ID, to Cameroon while onboarding several other African, European and Asia-Pacific markets, including Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong and Ghana. Carrier ID: Reduce Complexity, […]

iM Critical Delivers Unconstrained Space and Power in Sustainable Miami Data Center

iM Miami Data Center

If we want to ensure that game-changing, next-generation applications can thrive and deliver valuable opportunities to a host of verticals, one of the most important things we can do is provide the right infrastructure. In growing tech hubs like Miami, the thirst for innovation is never in short supply — unfortunately, space and power sometimes […]

netnumber GDS Appoints New VP of Strategy: Tina M. Donaldson

net number VP of Strategy

For those looking to reinvent the landscape of global mobile communications, it’s clear that fostering productive relationships, promoting stewardship by collaborating with regulatory and industry bodies and delivering game-changing solutions forms the necessary trifecta of efforts. These are the three endeavors that netnumber Global Data Services, a world-leading provider of phone number intelligence data, has […]

Ahead of E-Rate Build Season, Horizon and OME-RESA Show the Power of Partnership for EdTech

Horizon OME-RESA

Ohio-based network expert and fiber optic partner Horizon is known for its dedication to partnering with local communities and businesses across the Midwest, delivering game-changing connectivity for the future of government, education, healthcare and more. Furthermore, as an E-Rate authorized service provider, Horizon’s ability to equip in-demand populations with rich networking capabilities shines in its […]

1623 Farnam and Data Movers Discuss the Cloud, Sustainability and Beyond

1623 Farnam Data Movers

Data center operators have a lot to consider these days as IT requirements change and rapidly advance, and IT partners like Omaha-based 1623 Farnam have long been leading the charge toward more empowered IT results (and more satisfying customer experiences). In an effort to explore a host of mission-critical data center facets like sustainability, peering, […]

Horizon on the Power and Impacts of Being a Networking Partner

Horizon network partner

Trusted fiber and network partner Horizon has an exceptionally long-standing history helping customers meet evolving demands for connectivity (125 years of experience on their residential side, in fact). As the company has grown and changed to meet new requirements, their business side of the house has become core to both local and large-scale innovation in […]

The Inside Scoop on Diversity, Market Demands, ESG and More from Stream Data Centers

Stream Data Centers Datacloud

Stream Data Centers is a champion of the exceptional data center experience, and as an organization with a dedication to delivering the very best and brightest within this mission-critical industry, their strength in people really shines during the event season. So, when members of their team attended the recent Datacloud Global Congress event in Monaco, […]