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Funding the Future of Network Connectivity

Connectbase Raises $21 Million

Connectbase has raised $21 million in its Series C funding round, led by DigitalBridge Ventures.  “Connectivity is the lifeblood of our digital economy. Connectbase provides an industry-leading data platform that is being built to transform how connectivity is bought and sold across the globe.” – Alexandre Villela, Head of Ventures at DigitalBridge Connectbase’s SaaS-based marketplace […]

NYC – You’ve Been Served! Skywire Networks and Connectbase Unite


Skywire Networks has joined the Connectbase ecosystem to advance the delivery of connectivity across NYC’s most underserved areas.  This means that Connectbase’s service provider ecosystem now has access to Skywire’s SLA-backed, multi-gig, fixed wireless solution to reach formerly unreachable customers and revenue streams. “The city has many areas, especially in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and parts […]

Channeling Opportunities

Connectbase’s new Channel focused, The Connected World Express, enables the channel community to harness the power of Connectbase’s location-based knowledge of over 5800 network service providers, 16 million tenants, and 1100 network provider routes around the globe. Connectbase has launched The Connected World Express, a product that is focused on the channel community with capabilities […]

New in 2022: Connected2Fiber is Now Connectbase


Rebrand reflects evolving nature of network infrastructure technologies and connectivity industry  Connected2Fiber has rebranded to Connectbase. Following a year of significant milestones, the new branding and message reflects the company’s growth and solution evolution. The brand is now more aligned with the entire spectrum of network connectivity options, including wireless, copper, coax and fiber. And […]

Connected2Fiber’s Connectivity Buying & Selling Platform Now Contains 1.4 Billion Actively Managed Locations…and Growing

Connected2Fiber reports that its technology platform for network buyers and sellers, The Connected World, now has 1.4 billion locations being managed across 147 countries. In addition to identifying full addresses, latitude and longitude coordinates, and global location IDs, The Connected World also provides network intelligence on each location, including serviceability and competitive pricing options where […]

CTI Towers Stays Ahead of the Curve with Connected2Fiber’s The Connected World Platform

Connected2Fiber announced that CTI Towers, an operator of over 1,200 wireless communications towers across 47 states in the continental U.S., is leveraging The Connected World platform to identify highly valuable clients within CTI’s tower property markets and to assist in the company’s tower acquisition strategy. “Connected2Fiber’s insights are a big step up for our industry […]

Another Industry First for Connected2Fiber

Near Net service

Having just recently announced the industry’s first fully automated Bid Management capability, Connected2Fiber has just launched the industry’s first Assured Near Net service.  Connected2Fiber’s Assured Near Net service delivers building proximity assurance for network sellers and their buyers. Near net services are a core part of the connectivity industry that empower network providers to understand […]

365 Data Centers Now the Largest, Privately Owned and Fully-Hybrid IaaS Provider Serving the Eastern U.S.

With its recently acquired Atlantic Metro business fully integrated, 365 Data Centers has established itself as the leading network-centric colocation provider in strategic edge markets across the eastern U.S. “We have expanded our geographic and infrastructure footprint, complemented our existing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (“IaaS”) offerings, and significantly increased our customer base, revenue, and cash flow – all […]

A Connected World Starts in Rural Markets

The Connected World

AccessOn Networks selects Connected2Fiber’s The Connected World to expand connectivity into rural North Carolina. “Our mission is to expand the connectivity opportunity for small, rural communities throughout North Carolina. Connected2Fiber’s solutions will allow us to achieve that goal by clarifying our targets, optimizing pricing, and automating the execution process. All of which will lead to […]

EdgeConneX and Opus Interactive Roll out Multi-Cloud at the Edge

EdgeConneX and Opus Interactive Roll out Multi-Cloud at the Edge

As more data goes online, workloads are being distributed across a hybrid ecosystem that oftentimes integrates multiple clouds.  And vendors with expertise in supporting holistic enterprise builds – that match workload to hybrid and multi-cloud components – can be hard to find. In this spirit, EdgeConneX and Opus Interactive have partnered to provide enterprises with […]