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SEGRA® Welcomes Scott Roberts as Chief Revenue Officer

Segra CRO Scott Roberts

Segra, a leading independent fiber network company, has just made an exciting announcement: Scott Roberts has been appointed as their new Chief Revenue Officer. With over three decades of experience in sales and marketing within the broadband and telecom sectors, Roberts is poised to drive Segra’s revenue growth and market expansion to new heights. In […]

It’s Official! Archtop Fiber Launches 100%-Fiber Internet Service in Kingston, NY

Archtop Fiber Kingston

Following weeks of successful testing, Archtop Fiber is turning on blazing-fast Internet for customers in the City of Kingston, New York, — and soon in the greater Kingston area. A half-dozen testers throughout Kingston have enjoyed Archtop’s 2-Gig product with symmetrical speeds up to 2Gbps. In fact, its service leaves competitors in the dust, with […]

Segra Drives Digital Transformation for Businesses — Partners with ServiceNow

Segra Servicenow

Segra, one of the largest independent fiber infrastructure bandwidth companies in the U.S., has joined forces with ServiceNow, a leading digital workflow company, to drive digital transformation for businesses. This collaboration introduces ServiceNow’s Telecommunications Service Management to power SegraOne for Case and Incident Management, a solution to simplify work processes and enhance customer service. SegraOne […]

LightRiver and Douglas Fast Net Work Together to Future-Proof Oregon’s Backbone Network

LightRiver and Douglas Fast Net

In an exciting new collaboration, LightRiver, a leading optical network integration solution provider, has joined forces with Douglas Fast Net (DFN), a subsidiary of Douglas Electric Cooperative, to future-proof Oregon’s regional backbone network. The strategic agreement aims to ensure long-term capacity and connectivity for the state, taking an important step towards providing top-tier Wave services […]

LightRiver and Infinera Announce the Successful Completion of a Multi-Vendor Interoperability Technology Demonstration

LightRiver and Infinera Demonstration

LightRiver and Infinera announced today the successful completion of a multi-vendor interoperability technology demonstration, a milestone that promises to showcase how network orchestration can provide substantial improvements in network efficiency and enable new high-speed business services. The demonstration is based on Infinera’s ICE-X intelligent coherent pluggable technology and LightRiver’s netFLEX® Transport Domain Orchestration and Control […]

LightRiver Appoints Mike Jonas as CEO, Paving the Way for Next-Generation Network Solutions

Mike Jonas CEO

Congratulations are in store! LightRiver, the leading provider of next-generation, multi-vendor Factory Built Networks® and netFLEX® Transport Domain Orchestration and Control Software solutions, made an exciting announcement today. Mike Jonas, a seasoned veteran in the telecommunications industry, has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer. This strategic and well deserved move follows the retirement […]

Bandwidth IG’s Dark Fiber Network to Bring Connectivity to EdgeCore Digital Infrastructure’s Silicon Valley Campus

Bandwidth IG EdgeCore

Bandwidth IG and EdgeCore Digital Infrastructure are boosting connectivity between the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Areas and beyond.  A newly announced partnership between the companies will connect EdgeCore’s Silicon Valley data center campus in Santa Clara to Bandwidth IG’s San Francisco Bay Area network, with up to five distinct points of connection. Bandwidth […]