Ambrose McNevin

Director of Tech & Telecom Writing

Over more than 20 years in B2B Tech Publishing, Ambrose McNevin has led some of the UK’s biggest tech publishing brands. He was editor-in-chief of Computer Business Review ( from May 14 – Jan 17. From 2008-2014, Ambrose was editor and content director of a global magazine brand for the data centre sector, initially launching DatacenterDynamics Focus Magazine in the US and Europe and then expanding the brand in print and online into APAC, LATAM and Brazil. Additionally, he was the UK launch editor for Computer Reseller News and editor-in-chief at Information Week UK. He started his career at Computing.

A strong believer in the positive societal and economic impact of the digital technology revolution, in Jan 17 Ambrose set up Tech Marketing Content Ltd to help tech firms develop networking, content and online strategies and build bi-lateral relationships with key vertical markets. Additionally, as a long-time partner of JSA, it was a natural engagement to help increase JSA Europe as JSA’s Director of Tech and Telecom Writing.



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Why do you love this industry?

Simply stated: I love its relevance — the good it can do for the world, its incredible (albeit sometimes frightening) influence on humankind, its challenges, and its ability to constantly adapt and improve.

Why do you love this company?

We are a family and together we are building a work home that encourages creativity, growth, and inclusion, with an emphasis on work-life balance and delivering the very best services to our JSA clients.

Your top 3 reasons for JSA's success?

First and foremost: Our team.  I’ve been blessed to attract, retain and incentivize the very best in our industry and in marketing, and to learn from one another on a daily basis.  Second: our unwavering dedication to the telecom and data center space. We provide decades of proven industry expertise that is simply not available anywhere else.  Third:  we invest in ourselves.  We support our clients’ marketing plans with top-of-the-line media and technology monitoring tools to ensure we are providing the very best care and support, and to benchmark and compare and optimize our results in the marketplace accordingly.

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