Engagement Like Never Before

  • New-to-Market Interactive Video for Immediate Buyer Engagement

  • Video Interviews, Data Center Tours, Company Overviews and Whiteboard/3D Animation

  • Webinars, Social Broadcasts, Podcasts

“Hey, guess what I did last night while sleeping? 317 tours of our facility.”  This was a quote from one of our clients the day after we posted and promoted his data center tour video. And these days, tour videos can be 100% 3D animated, based on static photos, or filmed on-site and with c-level interviews like our examples below.

And our extensive video work also includes: company overview videos, white board animation, computer animation, virtual press conferences, webinar and podcast series, and Facebook LIVE broadcasts.  You name it, we’ve aired it, produced it and/or recorded it. And as an industry-first, we can make either new or existing videos interactive, like our JSA TV’s Trendspotting series, to drive lead captures right from your video assets.

Engage At A Whole New Level

With the latest video technology available through its partner Verb, JSA can take old or new video and add the ability to purchase, calendar, download, call, fill out a form or layer training videos back-to-back. You name it, we can do it.  And all with direct clicks on the actual video– unprecedented video technology– yielding over 300% engagement as compared to similar content-based campaigns.

Whiteboard It Out

Your technology or service too complicated or hard to film? We get a lot of that. Video does not have to be live or recorded, we can produce 2D or 3D whiteboard animation, from script creation, storyboarding, voiceover work, to complete production and distribution. Whiteboard can simplify the message and make watching fun.

Broadcast Your News

Use live broadcast to drive prospects and influencers to your virtual door. From podcasts and webinars to creative virtual press conferences (a JSA creation) and Facebook LIVE broadcasts, we plan, promote, invite, remind, broadcast, and deliver quality content and confirmed lead generation.

Podcasts R Us

Sometimes it’s easier in front of a mic than a camera lens.  We get that.  And today, podcast channels are driving huge audience, as folks like to take in their education while commuting or exercising.  With JSA strategists, we will help you define your episodes, book guest speakers, broadcast, produce and share across multiple podcast channels, such as iTunes, Spotify and more.

Animate Your Mission

Company Videos and Data Center Tours don’t require several days of on-site shooting anymore.  We can combine existing or new video footage with 3D animation, even rendered from a series of photos, saving valuable time and expense, while ensuring the lens captures your brand.

From Script to Click

JSA’s integrated Video Team can take the pain out of production from you.  From quality script writing and storyboarding, to on-site shoots,  animation, white board design, interactivity, and more, we can craft your core messages into visual art. We don’t stop there. Leverage our industry reach to help your new video asset generate the right leads for you.