Boldly Promoted, Professionally Orchestrated Events

From concept to completion, JSA offers a full range of services to ensure events run smoothly, stay within budget, and create memorable experiences. Our highly skilled events team fully manages logistics, while our telecom and data center PR experts roll out promotional campaigns to attract the attendees you want. All you need to do is show up and harvest the opportunity.

Effortless Gatherings

With decades of experience hosting industry conferences, galas, roundtables, trade shows, ribbon cuttings,  golf outings, cocktail receptions, media roadshows and more, JSA designs the perfect event to meet your business goals. The best news? We handle all pre-event research and budget creation to match your vision.

The Place To Be

JSA knows how to attract industry leaders and has a sixth sense for choosing the ideal venues (with added back-up of pre-event site tours to ensure the best location and service). We manage all venue logistics and negotiations, as well as all event rollout details, from site selection to clean up, so you just need to show up and work your room.

Who’s Who

Our mission is to increase awareness and interest in event attendance. We create a content calendar leading up to the big day to generate buzz, creatively and thoughtfully. Our invitation design and online system provides flawless engagement, tracking and transparency, ensuring a room full of the right people before the doors even open.

Shrewd Negotiators

Our global events supply chain is vast. JSA assumes control of all vendor relationships and leverages its deep purchasing power and long-established relationships to secure competitive rates on requirements from rental items and branded signage, to catering and entertainment, and more.

Flawless Communications

Never feel out-of-the-loop! Your dedicated support team provides updates during weekly calls and delivers status reports on a weekly basis. Plus, you can track real-time progress through our project management portal.

The Big Day

During the event, you’re unencumbered by logistics. JSA provides high touch on-site support, covering venue/vendor management, badge preparation, registration, guest support and much more. Most importantly, we make sure you’re talking to the right people!