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Unlocking Connectivity: Bandwidth IG Empowers SFMIX with Dark Fiber

Bandwidth IG SFMIX

The San Francisco Bay Area, a hub for innovation, just got a major upgrade to its internet infrastructure. Bandwidth IG, a leading provider of dark fiber networks, has partnered with the San Francisco Metropolitan Internet Exchange (SFMIX), a member-owned internet exchange point, to deliver high-capacity dark fiber across the Bay Area. What This Means: Blazing-Fast […]

Cologix and Bandwidth IG to Introduce Dark Fiber Connectivity in Silicon Valley

Bandwidth IG Cologix

Cologix and Bandwidth IG are teaming up to empower interconnection between end users and data centers in the busy Silicon Valley market. Bandwidth IG recently introduced dark fiber connectivity at Cologix’s SV1 digital edge data center in the San Francisco Bay Area. Together, Bandwidth IG, a dark fiber provider, and Cologix, a leading network-neutral interconnection […]

Bandwidth IG’s Dark Fiber Network to Bring Connectivity to EdgeCore Digital Infrastructure’s Silicon Valley Campus

Bandwidth IG EdgeCore

Bandwidth IG and EdgeCore Digital Infrastructure are boosting connectivity between the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Areas and beyond.  A newly announced partnership between the companies will connect EdgeCore’s Silicon Valley data center campus in Santa Clara to Bandwidth IG’s San Francisco Bay Area network, with up to five distinct points of connection. Bandwidth […]

Bandwidth IG Adds Chief Revenue Officer to Its Leadership Team

Patton Lochridge CRO

Bandwidth IG has an exciting new addition to its team as Patton Lochridge, the company’s first chief revenue officer, joins the dark fiber company. Lochridge is an industry veteran whose vast digital infrastructure experience will help Bandwidth IG develop its dark fiber networks providing critical infrastructure for data centers and enterprises in the San Francisco […]

Bandwidth IG and Flexential Enable Global Connectivity at Hillsboro, Oregon, Data Center

An agreement between Bandwidth Infrastructure Group (Bandwidth IG) and Flexential will deliver more access to in-demand dark fiber routes in the emerging data center hub of Hillsboro, Oregon. Bandwidth IG is expanding its Hillsboro area dark fiber network to include Flexential’s Portland – Hillsboro 2 data center by adding two new entrances to the facility.  […]

Bruce Garrison Appointed to Lead Bandwidth IG as CEO

As we head into a new year, Bandwidth IG has a new leader. Bandwidth IG, one of the fastest-growing pure-play dark fiber providers, announces the appointment of Bruce Garrison as its new CEO. This addition to the leadership team demonstrates the company’s renewed commitment to providing new dark fiber across its three key markets: the […]