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3Red8 Announces New Open-Access Fiber Optic Network to Bridge the Nationwide Digital Divide

The next-generation digital infrastructure company, 3Red8, is building the first open-access fiber optic network in more than 30 years, future-proofing nationwide connectivity. This new network will enable technological advances throughout the U.S. while connecting rural, tribal, and underserved communities along the routes to help close the globally-recognized digital divide. 

“The development of this new open-access transport network will provide low latency, ultra-reliable, and secure connectivity for the first time in three decades,” said Mark Adams, Chief Development Officer for 3Red8. “In addition, it delivers state-of-the-art, secure data transport solutions for communities, corporations, and government agencies. As our name signifies, the entire network is designed with a triple-redundant, figure-eight network architecture, widely considered the holy grail of network engineering.” 

Spanning 18 states, from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico, the high-capacity dark fiber network will scale bandwidth-intensive applications, including 5G/6G, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, smart agriculture, IoT, and EV charging stations. Moreover, 3Red8 is partnering with Quanta Services, Schneider Electric, Dentons, EDJX, Hexatronic, and Deloitte to ensure this cutting-edge solution will allow customers, partners, and the industry to benefit from the innovative approach of delivering reliable and affordable connectivity nationwide. 

The first phase will be provisioned in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina by the end of 2023, and the national route completed by the end of 2027. 

For more information, visit www.3red8.com.

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